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England’s leaky homes vs Verto’s Zero Carbon Smart Homes

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Recent research from the National Housing Federation reveals that England’s homes produce more carbon emissions each year than is produced by all of the country’s cars.

The research exposes England’s leaky homes and their significant and existential threat to our climate.

The research calculates that England’s 25 million homes, which produce 59 million tonnes of CO2 each year, have the equivalent impact to an average annual use of 28 million cars. There are now 27 million cars in use in England, emitting 56 million tonnes of CO2 annually. This means our homes are producing 3 million tonnes more CO2 than our cars.

So, without even stepping out of the front door, the average carbon footprint is a heavy weight on many shoulders – and too, a weight that 3 in every 5 homeowners are unaware of.

The reason behind the significant emissions produced by the average home trace to a simple combination of:

1.    Gas central heating; and
2.    Poor insulation leading to heat produced then escaping and requiring replacement.

Since the inception of Verto over a decade ago now, we have been all too aware of the impact the average housing stock has on our planet.

Nearly a quarter of carbon emissions come from buildings. So we’re building some of the UK’s most advanced sustainable smart homes, creating the perfect environment inside, without harming the environment outside. A better future is ours for the making.

At Verto, we only design, build and sell homes that produce zero carbon emissions — and we are constantly seeking innovative new materials and technologies which offer the highest levels of energy efficiency. Verto’s Zero Carbon Smart Homes™ have never used gas boilers, instead opting for heat pumps, MVHR and solar panels, and among other elements, are built to the highest thermal efficiencies and air tightness.

Imagine waking up in a home which produces zero carbon emissions. Enjoying the freedom that comes from knowing every drop of energy flowing through your home is created sustainably and consumed efficiently. This simple idea sits at the heart of every Verto home.

To find out more about our homes and our fight for zero on the home front, head to our website or get in touch. We can change more if we change together. 🤝 ⬅️

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