Verto is a business born out of passion. As a group of people, we are passionate about great design. About technology and wellbeing. But above all we’re passionate about sustainability.

From the start, Verto’s goal has always been to connect these things which matter to us most, and bring them all together in the homes we build.

By doing that, by creating homes which are radically different to the average
new build – We’ve found a way to make a real difference in people’s lives.

And have a real positive impact on the planet.

Founded in 2010, we are the UK’s leading sustainable housebuilder. We only design, build and sell homes that produce zero carbon emissions — and we are constantly seeking innovative new materials and technologies which offer the highest levels of energy efficiency.

We challenge ourselves to design the homes of tomorrow and build them today.

Tom and Ric


Award-winning smart homes

Our Zero Carbon Smart Homes™ have received national and international acclaim.

Key awards

National Federation of Builders

Housebuilder of the year

Cornwall Sustainability Awards

Overall Winner

Insider Property Awards

Sustainability Award

Global Good Award

Building Sustainability Award

UK Property Awards

Best Residential Development Cornwall

National Federation of Builders

Eco Award

Fighting for zero on the home front

Nearly a quarter of carbon emissions come from buildings. So we’re building some of the UK’s most advanced sustainable smart homes, creating the perfect environment inside, without harming the environment outside. A better future is ours for the making – and yours for the living.

Peace of mind, from the ground up

There’s a place for compromise, but it’s not in your home. Creating a Zero Carbon Smart Home™ means building to precise standards and minute tolerances. No corner-cutting or making-do. Our highly skilled construction team is committed to the highest standards of building excellence. And in our quest for perfection, we’re now looking to fabricate parts of the construction off-site.

Giving back to the communities we work in

We’re proud to be from the Southwest, and we give back to the region at every opportunity. We work with local tradespeople and local suppliers. We’re building playparks and paths as well as homes. We sponsor sports teams and do our bit at beach cleans. We’re also busy planting one million trees across the region.

If you need support with a project close to your heart and home, give us a shout. It’d be great to see if we could help.

I adore living in my Verto home. The heating system is wonderful, the team is fantastic, and the ethos is just right. I love how beautiful the light and space is, no matter what the weather’s like outside. Plus, I certainly take a lot of pride in the sustainability of the home I now live in.


Lyonesse Lane


Believe there’s a better way to live? Join us as we make it happen.