About Verto Homes

Here at Verto, we’re passionate about stylish smart living.

We work with our sights on the future instead of the past – and are proud of our pronounced individuality, which is now part of our company DNA.

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In the beginning

Verto Homes was set up in 2010 as a direct response to the lack of sustainable property innovation in the UK.

With property expertise spanning decades, Co-founders Tom Carr and Richard Pearce were acutely aware of the damaging effects of traditional house building and knew there had to be a better way. So they pooled together some like-minded investors and set out to change the way people live by changing the homes they live in, and founded Verto Homes.

Verto Homes designs, builds and sells intelligent and sustainable Zero Carbon Smart Homes, which produce and use their own renewable energy. The homes use highly sustainable materials which push the boundaries of modern home design and feature intuitive home-automation technology.


Vesta home automation

Alongside the creation of the UK's first Zero Carbon Smart Homes, we developed an Android and iOS-based control system for every element of the homes: Vesta. Vesta – the goddess of the home – controls a small mini-server or “hub” in the home which synchronises with on-site micro-generation technology and home-automation hardware. This system makes our homes some of the most energy-efficient on the UK market.

Vesta manages power produced by integrated solar-roofing systems by sending it where and when it's needed. During the day, when the solar panels are producing energy, Vesta will automatically divert this energy to high-demand appliances like the electric-car charging point or the hot-water store, as required. If all the home's power needs are catered for, it can then store the energy in batteries for use when the sun isn’t shining. Pretty smart, right?


UK's first Zero Carbon Smart Homes launched

In 2015, the UK's first Zero Carbon Smart Home development, Island Reach, launched in idyllic Newquay in Cornwall to an overwhelmingly positive reception and 100% off-plan sales. We’re proud to say that we created everything in-house and still do: from the conceptual design and planning stages, through to construction, sales and client care.


UK’s largest sustainable house-builder by 2021

Since then, Verto Homes has established itself as a keen disruptor in the property market: raising over £2.19 million in equity and £11.4m in construction funding via crowdfunding platforms, making Verto one of the largest peer-to-peer funded companies in the country. Verto Homes has now built 113 homes with a Gross Development Value of over £42.5m, won numerous awards, and attracted high-profile local and national coverage.

We have 70 units under construction, with projected revenues from these projects totalling £26.95m. We are negotiating on a pipeline of a number of sites with the potential to deliver 400 units and revenues of over £120m and by 2021 our target is to deliver 150 new homes per year. Verto Homes is holding steadfast to its goal of becoming the UK’s largest sustainable house-builder by 2021.



We’re delighted to be recognised for our hard work and bold approach. Discover our national and international award wins here!
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