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The existence of eight billion people depends on the solar energy from one star

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In a single hour, the amount of power the sun strikes the Earth with, is more than the entire world consumes in a whole year. The sun is a powerful source of energy that our entire existence depends on. This incredible star offers free and clean, renewable energy in abundance. In fact, it gives much more energy than we can ever possibly use.

So, the question is: Why do fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas (non-renewables with limited supply), currently produce most of our electric and engine power, creating almost all of our pollution? This is the perfect example of humans working against nature instead of collaborating with it, and to our own demise.

Fossil fuels from a plan polluting air by harbour via unsplash

There are many ways in which we can work with the greatest renewable source of energy available to Earth. At Verto, we strive to do whatever we can to not only work with mother nature but protect it too. As the temperature of our planet rises at an alarming rate, there is no better time to utilise the energy we are given to help bring the global temperature down.

Our Zero Carbon Smart Homes ™ have been crafted to perform above and beyond the highest EPC rating achievable. (find out about our award winning development that goes Beyond Zero).

Each Verto home is built with smart technology and sustainable materials that are integrated into the foundations, creating an eco-system of sustainability and ultimately, energy plus homes.

Here’s how…

Solar panels are installed to every roof to harness the clean solar energy, converting into electricity that powers your home. Verto homes are all built with air or ground source heat pumps that are over 300% more efficient than a gas boiler (find out why we’ve never used gas boilers).

Combined with our mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems that ensures all the solar energy that flows through your home is preserved rather than leaking out through an extractor fan or open window. Warmth is recycled and cleaned, not wasted. Add tripled glazed windows, super insulated walls and smart lighting – and you’ve got yourself a Zero Carbon Smart Home ™ which produces just that: zero carbon.

Drone footage of Verto Zero Carbon Development in Rock, Cornwall

Imagine that; waking up in a home which produces zero carbon emissions. Enjoying the freedom that comes from knowing every drop on energy flowing through your home is created sustainably and consumed efficiently. This simple idea sits at the heart of every Verto home and it is far from an imagination. (Find out more about our Zero Carbon Smart Homes ™)

Here at Verto, we enable our customers to Live Zero. Zero waste, Zero carbon, Zero damage, Zero footprint, Zero guilt, Zero bills… (stay tuned for more on our first ever zero bills development coming soon!).

So, the real question is, why are other housebuilders still building homes that fight against the planet, instead of utilising available renewable energies to create a better world for generations that follow?

Fighting for zero on the home front is a mantra that is woven into the fabric of our homes as we strive to change the way we live, by changing the homes we live in. The solution is not a concept, it’s right here, right now. So why wait?

Image of mother and baby silhouette from the sun via unsplash)

The sun has been burning for 4.6 billion years. The Earth has been spinning for 4.5 billion years. Humans have inhabited the planet for just 300,000 years. We are a small character in a much larger story. The sun will go on burning and the earth will go on spinning even when we no longer exist. It’s clearer than ever that we need to learn how to work with this larger than life (literally!) beast that is more powerful than we can ever imagine…

Want to join the movement and work with the planet to create a better world?

Check out our available homes today and Live Zero to Love Zero.

CGI image of Verto zero carbon development in Devon to be first zero energy bills development




Here are some ideas and inspiration to help you live more sustainably.