Building the Southwest’s first Zero Carbon Smart Office


Our Live Zero philosophy doesn’t just apply to the homes we build. Sustainability and innovation lie at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’ve applied for planning permission to build the very first Zero Carbon Smart Office in the Southwest.

The location for this pioneering building will be Cornwall’s regional capital, Truro. With its rich cultural heritage and unique character, the city has been our home for many years. But for the next chapter in our story, we want a base which is every inch as sustainable as our homes.

Local impact

We care deeply about the impact our buildings have on local communities. Located within the Truro Conservation Area, the site we’ve chosen to build our Zero Carbon Smart Office is Pydar Street. The adjoining buildings – many of them listed – are unmistakably Cornish, their utilitarian aesthetic an integral feature of the City’s character and heritage.

We want our innovative zero carbon office to sit harmoniously within this unique setting. So we’re heeding the words of the Cornish Design Guide: “Cornish buildings tend to be simple in their use of materials and finishes, rarely using more than two or three different materials in one building.”

Following this principle and using local materials such as earthy-hued timber cladding and a natural slate roof means our development, while contemporary and distinct in design, will flow seamlessly within the cityscape.

While our planning permission is still awaiting official approval, Truro City Council have already voiced their opinion: “[Our] members wished for the Applicant to be congratulated on a scheme of carbon-neutrality, in compliance with the declared Climate Emergency.”



The future of office working

While the exterior aesthetics are all about enhancing and fitting in with the local setting, inside we want to tell a different story. The story of who we are and what we believe in.

Our vision is to create an environment which inspires our team, with a focus on wellbeing and happiness. We have designed spaces awash with natural light, balconies to step out onto, trees and plants in every sightline. From our furnishings to our design features, every aspect of our interiors will follow the minimalist, natural luxury finish of our homes.

Although we’re trying not to get too excited, it’s tough. We’re already dreaming of living walls in verdant greens and eye-catching art painted with pollution-absorbing ink…

Alive with innovation

Once we’re up and running, one of the ways we’ll maintain our net zero ambition is by using the same smart technology as you’ll find in our homes. Designed to create a more comfortable working environment while using fewer of the earth’s natural resources.

We’re confident our office ticks all the boxes for exceptional sustainability, the wellbeing of our employees, and positive impact on the wider community. That’s why we will be applying to be recognised with ‘outstanding status’ from BREEAM, the world’s leading certification body for sustainable developments.

The first of many

Creating the Southwest’s first Zero Carbon Smart Office is exciting. But we also recognise it’s just a drop in the ocean when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of workplaces. Our long-term aim is for our new office to inspire others to adopt zero carbon ways of working.

Ultimately, that’s the real value of being a trailblazer. It sets a course and provides a map for others to follow. So if you’re interested to know more about the technology behind our Zero Carbon Smart Office, we’d love to hear from you.

Update… We’ve received planning permission!

We’ll be sure to update you in the coming weeks with further details and imagery of our Zero Carbon Smart Office, but for now, we are delighted to inform you that we have received planning permission – and indeed far earlier than expected, owing to the impressive sustainable credentials.


Here are some ideas and inspiration to help you live more sustainably.