Building today, sustaining tomorrow

We’re changing the way people live by changing the homes they live in.

Constantly innovating and striving to achieve our zero-carbon vision: find out why Verto Homes is at the apex of sustainable home design.


We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our Zero Carbon Smart Homes are the embodiment of sustainable living. Instead of burning through fossil fuels, our homes implement state-of-the-art technologies to regulate energy usage efficiently and generate clean energy from the sun. Here's some of the integrated technology which makes our homes truly one of a kind.

Energy Generation

We power our homes without burning fossil fuels – instead, they produce their own renewable energy through photovoltaic solar panels integrated into the roof.

We’re still prepared for any additional energy requirements, however: we’ve partnered with a renewables-only provider Ecotricity to supply any extra electricity needed for all of our homes.

Excess Energy

When you’re producing more electricity than you know what to do with, your home will feed the excess back into the national grid for a profit. Vesta doesn’t just help you manage your energy efficiently, it also tells you how much electricity you are exporting and, in turn, estimates what you are earning from it.

Handily, your home can automatically turn the excess energy into battery storage and distribute it when you need it most – making power cuts a thing of the past. Never before has home energy storage been so safe and simple.

Renewable Heat

Far more efficient than conventional gas boilers, ground-source heat pumps (GSHP) and air-source heat pumps (ASHP) quietly absorb ambient heat from the ground or outside air and move it inside.

Additionally, a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit (MVHR) is cleverly integrated to give an ample supply of heated fresh air. Completely free from fossil fuels, this is one of the most efficient systems available to heat your home.

Thermal Efficiency

By putting thermal efficiency at the forefront of our designs, our homes require even less energy to be heated. Triple-glazed windows combined with super-insulated walls and floors make for almost zero heat loss and noise pollution.

We’ve also put the open-plan living areas on the top floors for maximum energy efficiency: so we’re heating the structure of the building rather than just the air. Plus, our homes use zonal heating systems so you can heat only the rooms you’re using.

Energy Management

See exactly how much energy your solar roof is generating and how much your home is using via our integrated smartphone app Vesta. Vesta gives you live readings of all of your electricity usage and tracks your solar-energy generation.

Manage your energy use, like turning on your electric-vehicle charging point so you can power your car, or discover the best time to use your energy by monitoring when your output is highest, all with Vesta’s help.


You don’t need to be a genius to manage your home, thanks to our integrated smartphone app, Vesta. It’s all about ease of use, so whether you’re dimming the lights or adjusting the heating, perfect control is always in the palm of your hand.

Autonomous shading

Skiing in France or off on a business trip? Set your blinds to open each morning and close every evening, so no one will ever know.

Shading is our secret ingredient for the perfect lighting and temperature throughout the day – let Vesta take care of it for you.

Complete control

See exactly how much solar energy you’re generating and how much you’re using with Vesta’s useful live readings.

Vesta also estimates how much energy you’re exporting so you can track what you’re earning too.

Someone at the door?

No need to get up: see who’s at the door with your phone and Vesta’s innovative camera-phone entry for front and rear doors.

Keep an eye on your home wherever you are with Vesta.

Ready and waiting warmth

Chilly day out? Let Vesta know when you’re on your way home to be greeted by toasty-warm floors.

Highly efficient and totally customisable: our clever zonal heating systems use as little energy as possible to heat only the rooms you choose.

Lighting in sync with your lifestyle

Through Vesta, you can alter the brightness and colour of your lights for an instant change of scene.

So never mind if the kids doze off on the sofa and need to be carried to bed – motion sensors will light the way, which means no more stumbling for the switch.

Zero Carbon Smart Home

All of these groundbreaking features – one stylish home design.

We’re proud to be the first of our kind in the UK and to be striving to make zero-carbon living an achievable reality.