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The home, reinvented

From the way they’re built, to the way it feels when you open the front door. We’re always looking to create better homes. Live Zero Labs is our space to experiment with new ideas at the forefront of smart and sustainable living. And we invite you to partner with us on new projects that will lead to a more sustainable, intelligent and joyful way of living.

Here’s what we’re working on

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Reducing embodied carbon

Our homes are already net zero to live in. Our next challenge is to further reduce carbon from their construction. We’re collaborating with leading sustainability experts to explore new ways to make this happen, including research into alternative building methods such as increased off-site construction.

Understanding air quality

We’re collaborating with the University of Exeter to research the air quality in our Zero Carbon Smart Homes®. We want to understand how the high air quality in our homes impacts the happiness and wellbeing of our homeowners – so we can prove that cleaner air makes a world of difference.

Rewilding the Southwest

Over the decades, we’ve lost a huge amount of natural habitat – and many of the creatures that depended on it. We’re helping to reintroduce biodiversity in the Southwest by maintaining and enhancing the wild spaces we have left, like hedgerows and woodland.

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