9 years in the making

An ambitious vision requires teamwork. That’s why we have always worked with investors who share our passion for sustainable business. Over the last seven years, our network of private investors has expanded to over 700 partners – and we’re delighted to say that each one of these investors is still on board.

Our investors place value on our uniqueness: appreciating the longer term nature of our business model as well as Verto’s positive social and environmental impact.


As a developer, it is our business model to constantly borrow and repay capital – and we have been doing this successfully for eight years now. Over the years we have become one of the largest crowdfunded companies in the UK: having borrowed and repaid over £19.5m through crowdfunding platforms. We’ve built a network of over 700 investors who regularly lend to the company, and, touch wood, we haven’t lost an investor yet. We value the relationships we have with our investors and are continually building our network.
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With our growth comes exciting property-investment opportunities for investors. With a pipeline of 11 sites with the potential to deliver 775 units and £253m in potential future revenue, we have constant early-bird opportunities for investors wanting to get in first. When launching a new development, we always offer a selection of properties to our investors at a discount to market value. This allows us to kick-start sales and gives investors the chance to make an initial uplift on these off-plan properties.
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