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Lighting in sync with your lifestyle.

Through Vesta, you can alter the brightness and colour of lights for an instant change of scene.

And, never mind if the kids doze off on the sofa and need to be carried to bed – motion sensors will light the way, with no need to look for the switch.

Ready and waiting warmth.

Let Vesta know when you're on your way home from a wintery day at the park and arrive back to toasty-warm floors.

Plus, our homes use zonal heating systems, so you can use as little energy as possible to heat only the rooms you choose with Vesta.

Someone at the door?

Don't bother getting up, you can see who's at the door from your phone with Vesta's innovative camera phone entry to front and rear doors.

With Vesta, you can always keep your home secure, no matter where you are.

Complete control.

See exactly how much energy your solar roof is generating, along with how much energy your home is using: Vesta gives you live readings of all your electricity usage and tracks your solar energy generation.

It also tells you how much electricity you are exporting and, in turn, estimates what you are earning from it.

Autonomous shading.

Skiing in France or off on a business trip? Set your blinds to open each morning and close every evening, so no one will ever know.

Shading is our secret ingredient for the perfect lighting and temperature throughout the day - let Vesta take care of it for you.

To see the culmination of these revolutionary technologies, why not take a look at our latest homes?